ABC ID Card Update/Correction Name, DOB, Gendre

Are there any errors on your ABC ID card, such as the wrong Name, DOB, or Gendre? then you can correct this mistake by updating your ABC card. We will show you how to update your ABC ID online.

If the information on your ABC ID is wrong, it means there are mistakes in your Aadhar card details. This is because the ABC ID is made using the information from your Aadhar card.

ABC ID Card Update Correction

ABC ID Card Update/Correction

  • Step 1: Update your Aadhar card first. You can do this by visiting the nearest Aadhar center or the Uidai website.
  • Step 2: After updating your Aadhar card, log in to your Digilocker account.
  • Step 3: Go to “Issued Documents” and Refresh your Aadhar card.
  • Step 5: Your ABC ID information will now be updated.
  • If your information is not updated after refreshing your ABC ID card, try refreshing it again in 2-3 days. The ABC ID system takes time to update.
  • After 2-3 days if your information is not updated then Delete your ABC ID in Digilocker and Recreate another one.

Share your experience of updating your ABC ID card in the comments. It will help other students.

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